One thought on “Article: Why I Am a Conspiracy Theorist | Hans Boersma | First Things

  1. I thought this article was correct. How can any thinking person not see there is a conspiracy among nations, elites, big pharma, big tech, health organizations and so forth concerning vaccine mandates? It’s constantly in the news. They’re not hiding it. Why mandate a “vaccine” that doesn’t protect the recipient from getting or spreading the disease? To say it’s to protect others is simply fallacious. While it does protect the recipient, in most cases, from getting a serious case of Covid, it also has many side effects, some of which are extremely concerning, like death. Curiously, there is no concerted effort, in fact hardly any effort at all, to warn people about these potential side effects. The motive behind the conspiracy probably causes the most resistance to those who don’t want to believe there is a conspiracy. Is it nefarious? Is it well intentioned to protect our health? These we can debate, but from my view, it’s unquestionable there is a conspiracy. I also believe it’s more about conditioning the unwashed to accept future mandates applied to more and more facets of our lives. So yes, I think it’s nefarious.


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