Scripture Reflection – Proverbs 25

“It is not good to eat too much honey or to seek glory after glory.” Proverbs 25:27

We are glory seekers by nature. We delight in our favorite team’s glory. We delight in our children and grandchildren’s glory. We even delight in our city, state, or nation’s glory. Like the sweetness of honey on our tongue, is the experience of sharing in glory like this.

The wisdom of the proverb is not to denigrate all glory-seeking, any more than it is to reject the delight of honey. Rather, the proverb warns that glory-seeking can be tragically misdirected. We can become gluttons for self-glory until our appetite destroys us and those around us.

We are created to delight in God’s glory in creation. We are redeemed to delight in God’s glory in salvation. We are transformed to delight in God’s glory in sanctification. The way to avoid misdirected glory-seeking is to return again and again to seek the glory of the Glorious One. Delighting in His glory is a honey for your spirit that is always good.

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