PrayER for Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

I have been deeply burdened for the Christians, pastors, and missionaries who remain in Afghanistan. I have asked for the Lord’s help in how to pray, and today Psalm 68 helped to guide my prayer.

I am learning that it is not enough to be moved emotionally in these moments. Nor is it enough to pray generally. Especially in moments of intensity, my prayers need to be shaped by the character of God so that my emotions are steered by Truth and I am not steered by my emotion.

Prayers for Christians in Afghanistan based on Psalm 68

Psalm 68:3-6. Since You are the Most High God, cause gladness, celebration, and joy to guard the hearts of Your faithful ones as they place their trust in You, the one who continues to reign over everything.

Psalm 68:17-18. Since You are the God of Armies, command Your chariots to enact peace and justice even among the rebellious and establish Your dwelling in the place where armies have retreated.

Psalm 68:19-20. Since You are the God of Salvation, rescue Your faithful ones from harm just as You rescued Daniel from the lion’s den. Carry the burden of fear and danger away from them.

Psalm 68:28, 34-35. Since You are the God of Strength, strengthen Your faithful ones with courage and cause even Your enemies to be awed by the power and strength You give to Your people.

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